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Joe Brueggemann

Chief Operating Officer, Saz’s Hospitality Group

“Excellence is not a skill; it is an attitude.” Generally speaking, a great quote. But for Joe, this motto is a way of life and a clear expectation for the members of his team. With an unbridled passion for food and hospitality, Joe weaves this approach through all aspects of Saz’s Hospitality Group. As a child, Joe basked in the glow of Christmas dinners at Grandma’s house. Intricately-planned menus, fine china and flatware lovingly positioned just so, and an ambiance to rival Norman Rockwell’s finest portraits nurtured what would become not only a keen eye for the details that live on in memories, but also a genuine enthusiasm for the client experience. At the age of 14, Joe made his first foray into hospitality as an employee rather than a guest and participant, and he’s been striving toward perfection ever since. Joe wholeheartedly believes that, while great food is a wonderful starting point for any gathering, a successful event delivers infinitely more. Attentive service, a creative beverage menu, well-planned design, professional appearance, and seamless execution send a message to attendees not only about those providing the service, but about the event host, as well. Joe takes great pride in the message his team is sending with each and every event. Saz’s Hospitality Group has been creating “The Finest” memories for its quality clients and guests for over forty years; many of which have included Joe. With an attitude focused on providing “The Finest” at every turn, this Catering Director breathes life into your vision, ensuring that whether you’re planning a custom-themed gala for 400, a company picnic for 10,000, or an office luncheon for 40, you’re in great hands with Joe at the helm.

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