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Dustin Howard

Executive Chef

Saz’s Member Since: 2022

Favorite Saz’s Dish: Anything hickory and applewood smoked

Fun Fact: I have opened a restaurant in 5 different states varying from seafood, high-end new American, and Mexican fusion.

Dream Job as a Youngster: To be a race-car driver. At the age of 6 my mom said it was too dangerous, so I decided I wanted to become a chef. I never lost sight of that from a young age.

Favorite MKE Experience: I love all the festivals! I especially love Strawberry Fest and Harvest Fest in Cedarburg, but Summerfest would be my favorite.

When I’m Not at Saz’s, You Can Find Me: Spending time with my family. That can include going to the park, spending time by the lakefront, trying new restaurants or swimming in our pool. I wish I could say golfing as that is something I love to do; it’s just hard to find time with a toddler at home.