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Sales Manager
Karin Hurley

A Wisconsin native, Karin’s presence at the Marcus Performing Arts Center dates back to 2007, when her now-teenage daughter began dancing in the Nutcracker Ballet. A frequent Marcus volunteer at that time, Karin had already gotten her feet wet in the hospitality seven years before, contributing to the 17 years she has spent in the industry. It is Karin’s primary focus to ensure each and every event is executed in a successful manner resulting in the fondest of memories for her clients. This targeted dedication merely underscores Karin’s sincere passion for providing the absolute highest level of hospitality. Working with clients to bring their visions to reality is incredibly rewarding as a member of the Sazama’s Fine Catering team. She is proud to call the Marcus Center her second home and the Sazama’s team her family. Enamored with the forward-thinking nature of her creative colleagues, as well as with the magic of this prestigious venue, Karin’s sincere enthusiasm is reflected in the details of each event she manages. Karin frequently remarks that top-notch excellence surrounds and inspires her every day, which must play a leading role in reinforcing her service-with-a-smile attitude and dedication to her chosen profession. A star in her own right, Karin’s charm doesn’t need a stage to win over guests, staff, and even strangers on the street – a characteristic you’ll pick up quickly when you first meet to chat details for your social or corporate event!