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Looking to get your kid out of the house this summer?

it’s like summer camp – but better.

Seasonal summertime staff
Join our team at Saz's Hospitality Group!

It’s all here at Saz’s

Fun fact: several of our leadership team started working at Saz’s for their first job when they were teenagers. It’s a fun work environment that often leads to lifelong friendships, a solid foundation for good work ethic, and plenty of networking opportunities with a Saz’s name drop. We have a variety of positions open that are perfect for your high-school and college-age kid who are looking for a summer job or occasional side gig.

  • Cashiers
  • Servers
  • Catering Ambassadors
  • Fry Cooks
  • Expo/Prepper
  • and more!

Get all the sazzy deets here.

Perks for your child

but more importantly…
Perks for Parents/Guardians

Adulting Starts Now- Send this Application to your Kid!

Just copy and paste and we’re in business! It’ll take one minute tops.


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