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This is not your typical wedding food… it’s not even your typical restaurant food. This was some of the best food that our guests had ever had! Starting with the tastings, we left stuffed and loved each dish more than the next. They even custom created a clam chowder for our soup course to honor my Connecticut roots! The day of the wedding, not a single person went hungry. There was more food than we knew what to do with! We were a bit hesitant about a buffet since they are a hit or miss at weddings. We were assured that we would not be disappointed, and disappointment was the furthest thing from our minds! Everything was cooked perfectly, was hot, and each table was able to eat at the same time. The buffet moved quickly and efficiently and there was plenty of food for everyone to get there fill on every item, with even some people going back for seconds! Saz’s also provided top notch service. Even though we chose buffet, they had personal wait staff to hand serve a few tables that seated the elderly guests! People to this day cannot stop talking about how amazing the food was and how there was something for everyone! One of the best decisions we made was choosing Saz’s for our wedding.