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We catered our Thanksgiving dinner from Saz’s this year. We had moved into a small apartment and I wasn’t sure about the logistics of coordinating the dinner in a limited space. I expected it to be good, but the dinner was amazing! I love to cook and my standards are high. We picked up the meal at noon and it was still hot when we sat down at 1:30 pm. The turkey was moist and delicious with a good assortment of white and dark meat. The mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy were every bit as tasty as I would have made myself. The green beans were crunchy with a generous amount of toasted almonds. I always make my own cranberry orange relish and theirs was as good as mine. I would not have bothered with the sweet potatoes, but their recipe with maple syrup was a big hit. The salad of mixed greens with Apple, craisins, almonds, feta cheese and cranberry vinaigrette complimented the meal. We added Saz’s scrumptious corn muffins along with the rolls and they were a favorite. Dinner catered from Saz’s will become a new thanksgiving tradition. I was able to really enjoy my family and my meal with a minimum of prep or clean-up. Thank you Saz’s!