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Eric Harrell

Festivals Shift Supervisor

Saz’s Member Since: 2017 Favorite Saz’s Dish: Chicken Flatbread Sandwich Fun Fact: I enjoy everything outdoor from fishing the small…

Meet Director of Festivals and Jester Extraordinaire, Joe!

Joe Seeby

Director of Festivals

Saz’s Member Since: 2015 Favorite Saz’s Dish: Mashed Potato Martini Bar Fun Fact: I can't do a backflip. Dream Job…

Get to know our Director of Festivals and Community Engagement, Hannah Kitzerow.

Hannah Kitzerow

Director of Festivals & Community Engagement

Saz’s Member Since: 2004 Favorite Saz’s Dish: Mozzarella Marinara Fun Fact: Some people keep an emergency $10 bill in their…