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Sammi Bagley

Bar Manager

Sammi Bagley is the talented Bar Manager you can thank for your fun memories of sitting around the Round Bar. She’s a mastermind at what she does, which includes creating the seasonal craft cocktail recipes, making sure to keep the bar stocked with everything we may need, keeping things organized and running efficiently, writing the bar schedule, and assisting with other managerial duties. 

And to that, we say three cheers for Sammi!

Sammi brings almost 10 years of hospitality experience to the table, and loves the fact that she gets to work with people as an integral part of her job. She loves to engage with our guests and form relationships with them. To Sammi, every day brings something a little different, so it never gets to be monotonous. There are lots of special moments or celebrations that Sammi gets to be a part of, and that’s one of her parts of the hospitality industry. She has big dreams of owning her own bar and restaurant someday! 

She’s greatly enjoyed her time working at Saz’s and being a part of the family atmosphere. “They genuinely care for their employees and encourage growth within the company. It’s great to work for people who are genuine and really believe in and support their staff!” 

Sammi’s personal philosophy is to “just have fun, and encourage others to do the same!” Outside of work, Sammi spends quality time with her loved ones, loves to go on hikes, and cheer on the Bucks!

Come say hi to Sammi at the Round Bar next time you’re in!

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