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Cannot thank you enough for taking care of this for me.  Was a great success, the buffet was excellent, and your employees were top notch.  I have to give an extra thanks to our bartender. He was awesome. Made sure everyone had a drink and was having a good time. If and when we do this again, you will definitely be getting the business.
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the lunch today.  The team was awesome, the food was delicious, and everything was very well executed. Thank you so much for making this a successful event.

You exceeded our expectations.  We know the space was tight but your staff handled it with grace.  The food was fabulous and you moved the line quickly. Sarah and Charlie have just arrived in Germany and I assume off to a beer hall to continue their celebration.

Thanks for catering Talia’s Bat Mitzvah party! The food was delicious – we have gotten so many compliments on it. The sea bass and the appetizers were especially popular and many of the kids said it was the best food they’ve had at a bar/bat mitzvah! It was great working with you.

Everyone loved the food (as always)! I always use Saz’s for these meetings because I know I can depend on you to be on time and I get so much feedback about how well the food was received.

The celebration could not have gone better. Great weather, lots of people “, great food, great venue, wonderful staff. We were very pleased with the whole evening.

We had an amazing time. It was more than we could have ever imagined. We were told many many times about how cool [South Second] was and how the food was amazing! Everyone loved the family style dinner and the fact that they could get seconds….haha! I think the horseradish mashed potatoes were the biggest hit. We cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work in preparation and for the work done by South Second and Saz’s Catering!

Thank you again for a great night, your services, staff, [food and beverage] and overall hospitality were fantastic – lots of great feedback on the event from everybody in attendance. Thank you again for everything!

Our folks love what you do for us and I love that I never have to worry because you and your staff always provide great food and great service!

We love Saz’s and they were even more fabulous on our big day! They were flexible and knowledgeable throughout the planning process. They helped us develop a menu to please with Saz’s favorites like ribs and mozzarella marinara with classics like carved sirloin and chicken parmesan. We received so many compliments on the food and their service. We are excited to continue to enjoy their food and share wedding day nostalgia in years to come!

The food came on time or a bit early ….GREAT!! The delivery person was wonderful! As you have been also!! The food was wrapped wonderfully and the main thing, everyone loved everything, plenty left over for lunch for the gang tomorrow as well. Thank you so much for everything!