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Planning a wedding should be fun. It’s a big day – and an important one, too. But that doesn’t mean it needs to be a hassle. Sazama’s Fine Catering has been planning weddings and the celebrations that go along with them as the exclusive caterer for the Marcus Performing Arts Center for quite some time.

The wedding specialists at Sazama’s Fine Catering embrace all types of wedding events – from the most traditional banquet-style reception to the most glamorous soirees dripping in diamonds and silk. With complete menu customization and end-to-end planning capabilities, you’re in the best of hands with the Sazama’s Fine Catering team.

The culinary experts at Sazama’s have developed lovely Wedding Packages based on culinary selections and complimentary service styles that have already met with incredible success. However, Sazama’s Fine Catering very much enjoy requests to personalize menus to suit your tastes and vision for the day. In a perfect blend of passion, experience, and innovation, the Sazama’s team doesn’t miss a thing when envisioning the details surrounding your event.

If you’re looking to provide the highest standard of service for your guests with incredible food and seamless experience, then you’ve found your match with Sazama’s Fine Catering. From menu development to linen selection to rental equipment and audiovisual coordination, each facet of your wedding event will be nurtured and tended to with the utmost attention in this gorgeous venue.

For Sazama’s most current wedding menu and wine list, click through the links at the top of this page. Vegetarian and other special menus are available on request from your event manager.

Along with your glamorous reception are a host of other celebratory functions that require dining for a group. Consider booking space at the Marcus Performing Arts Center for these events, as well, or visit our partner page for The Finest in off-premise catering.

If you’re ready to connect with one of Sazama’s wedding specialists for more information specific to your event, take just a few minutes to answer some brief questions and a Sazama’s event manager will contact you within one to two business days.

Finally, and most importantly, congratulations!

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