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Open Venue Tours

Saz’s Open Venue Tours

Saz's Exclusive Event Open Venue Tours | Select Dates in 2024 | 5pm - 7pm Are you in the market for a stunning event space this year? Perhaps you're freshly engaged, starting your wedding planning process, scouting for this year's…


Meet Our Sales & Events Team!

Dine with us on 55th and State in December and we’ll hand the host an envelope to take home with a surprise inside. There’s a catch: NO PEEKING! We know you’ll be dying to know what’s inside, but we don’t want to spoil the fun!

The Saz’s Wedding Experience

Your wedding day experience will be one that you look back on for years to come, and our team here at Saz's Hospitality Group knows how important it is to find vendors that align with your vision. We pride ourselves…

South Second

It’s All Here at South Second

South Second is a venue unlike any other in the city, perfect for weddings, social gatherings and corporate events. Nestled in the heart of Walker's Point, South Second brings Milwaukee's food and beverage districts together under one roof for an unforgettable experience.
Cuvee's wedding open house

Saz’s at Cuvée

Thursday, February 4, from 5:30-8:30pm, get to know the experienced wedding specialists of Saz's Hospitality Group at the quintessential Milwaukee venue, Cuvée.
Pritzlaff Building open house

See You at the Pritzlaff

Wednesday, February 24, from 5-8 pm, find out how Saz's can make your wedding vision your reality at the Historic Pritzlaff's Wedding Open House.